What is it?

Our System

At VITRO, we promote an open-door culture to promote communication and trust across all levels of the organization because we believe that this is the way to create meaningful connections that brings us closer.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of our working environment and to conducting our affairs in full compliance with our policies and procedures. Such adherence strengthens and promotes ethical and fair practices and treatment of all members of our organization and those with whom we conduct business.

ALERT is a communication channel that provides a safe and confidential environment in which people can make suggestions, submit claims, or simply share their thoughts about topics related to VITRO with the option to do it anonymously.

The system is operated by Ethics Global, a third independent party, experts in complaint and report management. You can rest assure, that every report is examined, and an investigation is opened in the necessary cases. This tool provides our team and our different stakeholders with yet another channel to stay connected and continue building together a better world.

Our system:

Ethics and Compliance System

To ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct we have integrated different elements in all our operations:

  • Our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct give us clear direction to act and decide.
  • ALERT and our internal investigation process allow us to raise our hand when someone does not do the right thing in a protected way.
  • The Ethics and Compliance Committees in each operation that have the responsibility to investigate complaints and sanction misconduct and the duty to keep confidentiality.

Our Responsibility

  • To provide tools and channels to receive suggestions, claims or thoughts about topics related to VITRO in a straightforward, safe, confidential, and anonymous manner, without fear of any kind of repercussion or retaliation.
  • To investigate, solve and, whenever applicable, pursue disciplinary actions.

Your Responsibility

  • Whether you are a victim, a witness, or have knowledge of an improper conduct, you must report it to avoid becoming an abettor.
  • Use the communication channels provided by VITRO, always in a respectful way.
  • To follow up complaints to learn about the status and corrective actions taken in the investigation and, if applicable, contribute further information, evidence, or report second offenses.

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