How to report?

ALERT Web Platform:

In addition to any evidence, if any, you will need to have all the information relating to the matter being reported at hand bearing the following questions in mind: Who? When? Where? How?

When opening the form, you will be led by the Interactive Web Assistant by means of questions prompted based on the information it provides. You will have the option to enter the name and position of the person or persons involved, attach evidence, describe, and classify your suggestion or claim, and any further relevant information that may be conducive to an appropriate investigation.

Once the report is completed, the system will provide a follow-up code that must be kept for follow-up purposes.

APP Movil

Download the EthicsGlobal app from the Play Store or Appstore.

  • Enter the EthicsGlobal Mobile App, write the code or scan the QR and answer the questions according to the information requested.

  • Phone:

    USA 1 888 876 7548

    Follow up:

    With the follow-up code provided to you when filing the report, you may call the toll-free line or access this website in the ‘Enter your follow-up code’ field to:

    • Learn more about the status of the investigation
    • Provide additional information
    • Report recurring issues
    • Attach files with evidence


    Questions and Solutions

    When can I use ALERT?

    When you want to make suggestions, submit claims, or simply share their thoughts about topics related to VITRO.

    Whenever you learn about, are informed of, or become involved in a situation that violates VITRO's Code of Ethics, and whenever you have concerns or suggestions that you would rather be dealt through this platform.

    What are the benefits of ALERT?

    It promotes a culture of inclusive communication and an ethical work environment through a safe and confidential channel.

    Will there be any kind of retaliation for filing or making a report?

    No, all the suggestions or complaints are assumed to be made in good faith and exclusively searching that the denounced conducts are attached to the ethics values of the company, nevertheless, it is our duty to protect the integrity and respect of the image and reputation of our partners, so in case that a complaint is made in bad faith and with the purpose to discredit, denigrate or falsely accuse as revenge, it is not a advisable conduct and it will be sanctioned according the applicable policies.

    What type of information or data is required to use ALERT?

    When filing a report, you will be asked to provide the following information:

    • Full name and position of the parties involved.
    • Date and place of the incidents.
    • Whenever, possible, any relevant evidence.
    • A detailed report of how the events took place.

    Why report?

    We thrive when we share our ideas and listen to others. We can only learn and take action if we are pointed out what we do not see.

    What can I report?

    ALERT is a channel where you can make suggestions, submit claims, or simply share your thoughts about topics related to VITRO

    Type of claims or breach to our Code of Ethics:

    • Employee relationships including Sexual Harassment
    • Anti-corruption, transparency, and conflict of interest
    • Confidential and/or privileged information
    • Communication

    How long will it take to process a filed report?

    EthicsGlobal sends the information to the integrity committee in a 48 hours maximum period after the complaint is submitted. Depending on the complexity of the case, VITRO reserves the right to determine the time of every investigation and resolution of the raised complaints.

    After filing the report, will I be informed of its outcome?

    Ethics Global will only notify the person making the report of the status of the investigation. Its content and outcome will remain confidential. The committee will revise all reports, make the necessary investigations and give response to the complainant if necessary or possible.

    How can I follow up a filed report?

    When you file a report, you will be given a follow-up code that you may use:

    • To know if more information is required to process your complaint.
    • To provide new information relating to your complaint.
    • To follow up the updates or status of the investigation.
    • We suggest waiting 5 or 6 business days after filing your report to follow it up.

    What if I want to provide more information after placing my report?

    Any person may access ALERT and provide new information or report a recurring issues at any time by using the follow-up code.

    What happens if I witness a violation of the Code of Ethics and fail to report it?

    The use of ALERT is entirely voluntary. However, all VITRO's employees are obligated to report a breach to our Code of Ethics that affect the organization and its members.